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styling Anna Mårselius 14

styling Anna Mårselius 8styling Anna Mårselius 9styling Anna Mårselius 11

styling Anna Mårselius 7styling Anna Mårselius 13styling Anna Mårselius 2styling Anna Mårselius 6styling Anna Mårselius 12styling Anna Mårselius 4One of the most fun jobs of 2016, at home with Fashion Director of Café Magazine, Daniel Lindström. We actually had to postpone the job with weeks as we where shooting the terrace and the weather was far from what we had hoped. That´s what happens sometimes in this job but it always works out in the end anyway. Thanks so much for having us, Daniel! It was such a pleasure. 

Styling by me, photo by Erik Lefvander and assist by Silje Wållgren. Published in Residence Magazine. 

Happy Valentine´s!


Happy Valentine´s Day dear friends and readers! I´m not much for putting a specific day on showing love (we should do that all the time right?) – but let it serve as a reminder to actually do so. Just like New Years could be a reminder of evaluating your life and what might need to change.

I really want to thank you all for being here with me. Makes it all so much more fun. Also, I want to thank you big time for your generous and heartwarming support with votes for the Interior Blogger of the Year Award on Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards that took place last Monday. I did not win but am equally happy anyway for being nominated by you guys – thank you so much for that!! And big congrats to the winner – Jannice of Add Simplicity! So go ahead and spread some love today! And hopefully get some in return xx

The Row

the row 1 the row 2 the row 3 the row 4 the row 5 the row 6 the row 7 the row 8 the row 9 the row 10When in LA my friend Jennie took me the space of clothing line The Row. We where informed there was a strict no to taking photos (I don´t really know why…) but just found these pics by Rich Stapleton for Cereal Magazine and thought I wanted to show you this cool space if you haven´t been. Very minimalistic and with details and objects that invites multiple heart shaped eye emojis. Topped with a pool in a courtyard in the center of the store. Of course we did not take any pictures as they said no, but just in case the camera might have accidentally slipped out of the pocket you can see it here.


nostalgiaWoke up to an email from my mother saying our old apartment is for sale right now and I was a bit surprised how much nostalgia it caused. We only lived there for three years but did renovate the whole thing and really enjoyed our time there. We moved from there ten years ago just two weeks from having our first child so I guess that adds to it as well. Anyway – you can see more here. If you are planning on moving, I can definitely recommend this place. 

Stockholm 2017

ikea 1 ikea 2 ikea 3Ikea are releasing news in an incredible speed and yesterday was the launch of the new Stockholm 2017 series that will be available from April. I unfortunately didn´t make it to the presentation but really like the images released for the occasion and this beautiful piece designed by Nike Karlsson. Very inspirational. See more pics of the collection here and read this before going ahead with yet another buy. Just the pure inspiration is often enough.

Pics via StilInspiration with thanks. 

Country Lodge for sale

båven 1 båven 2 båven 3 båven 4 båven 5 båven 6 båven 7

Sometimes when I see places like this for sale I start dreaming of buying it and start a new career in the hotel business…50 rooms and an interior that is already a solid base with a perfect view and setting in Sörmland, Sweden. Would´t mind at all floating around in that raft sauna any day of the year.

More info and pictures here.