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Real vs concept

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I´m thinking a lot about what my line of work will be like in the future. A part of my job is to decorate new spaces for potential buyers to be inspired and get an idea of what you can do with that space. Most often we put everything into place for people to come visit but of course sometimes the apartment is only in the planning stage so then you rather have to come up with a concept from layout plans only and through making 3D visualizations (Oscar Properties is probably the best example of having done this for quite some time)

The two are very different. When doing the 3D thing you don´t have to consider budget at all – only the sky is the limit (unless the client wants it in another way) and you can basically sit by your desk planning the whole thing. When physically decorating it´s a completely different story with dates of delivery for all furniture that are most often delayed, a much tighter budget, lots heavy lifting and logistics plus there is often already a preset bathroom and kitchen that might not always be what you would have created if you where in the process from the beginning.

I see, or at least I believe I do, rather quick if the setting of the image is real or if it´s a rendering. Sometimes I feel really inspired by a rendering too – there are brilliant creatives out there – but it can also at times feel too far away almost looking like a painting. But again, you can really make this space something that otherwise would be too expensive, complicated or to tight of schedule. The photographer has suddenly been replaced by digital design.

What do you think, is it equally inspiring with 3D renderings as ”real” pictures? What are the pros and cons?

3D work by Olga Fradina. Found via Behance with thanks. 

Back in town!

words backThis has been the summer of extreme temperatures, salty water, a broken toe, a daughter becoming a pescetarian, friends, family, good talks, future planning and lots of rest. And no work. The first summer with no work in a long time so to say the least I´m beyond excited to get back to it now! Let´s go!

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