Living room mood board

Creating a moodboard for a project that I hope will still happen in these difficult times…Many of us are affected by what is happening in the world right now. Let´s stay creative to keep our minds sane and hope that keep on trying is the only way to go xx


When at home

Many of us are stuck at home during these times and what else to do than making the best of it? At least for now there is no shortage of food so I´m trying out new recipes and setting the dinner table at little extra each night to make it special. Those beautiful linen cloths made by hand by my grandmother that I so rarely use because I´m afraid to stain them are coming out! And since Spring is already here there are plenty of snowdrops in the garden that are coming inside in small vases everywhere. A little sprinkle to a heavy situation is (if we can and are well) what we need.

Pic via EyeSwoon, courtesy of Roman & Williams Guild. 

A break for inspiration

It´s hard to know if it´s even right to keep on adding posts to the blog and Instagram with all the things going on in the world and just around the corner. I don´t want to be insensitive to the situation but I´m thinking that maybe now more than ever we need a break from all the hard news coming our way constantly. Maybe it´s good then to get at least a moment off by dreaming away looking at beautiful and inspiring things (as shallow as it can seem). For me it´s good anyway, to feed my brain with not only news updates and worry. Because there is a lot of worry, I haven´t slept properly in a long time. So hopefully this can continously be a place where we all can get a little time before heading back to reality that is still there no matter what. Stay safe everyone xx

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At home with

I´ve been inspired by Athena Calderone for some time now and her summerhouse in Amagansett is no exception. You have probably seen her NY kitchen a million times as it is  one of the most featured inspirational pictures ever I would guess. In addition to great interior taste she is also making lots of delicious food presented in the most perfect way. Athena´s first book ”Cook Beautiful” is now followed by recently released ”Live Beautiful”, both on my wishlist. You can read more about Athena and her work on her lifestyle site EyeSwoon.

It´s also fun to see how taste really changes and develops by comparing what the house looked like before the renovation. You can see what it looked like before here. And if you have missed her NY apartment with that amazing kitchen mentioned above, here you go. 

Photo by: Nicole Franzen & styling by Colin King.