Bedroom shelf

Styling Anna Mårselius, photo Kristofer Johnsson for JM 10JM nockeby 7 bedroom shelf 2bedroom shelf 5bedroom shelf 6bedroom shelf 7When I did the styling for JM creating a headboard out of a long shelf painted in the same color as the wall I got a craving to do the same thing in our bedroom. Here collected are some additional inspiration on the same theme. Some of them have been in my files for a long time and some of them are new. Hopefully you will find something you like too.

1: styling by me, photo Kristofer Johnsson, 2: Oscar Properties, 3: Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse for Hitta Hem, 4: Coté Maison, 5: the home of Pia Ulin 6: source unknown. 

Learn from my mistakes

I made some mistakes when choosing colors for our home when we moved in almost 10 years ago and I thought it could be a good idea to share some of them hoping you won´t have to do the same…Of course picking colors are also a matter of what is on your mind right there and then and you can always paint again if you like but in our case we re-painted ALL of the ceilings, windows, doors etc and that I can assure you is nothing you want to to on a regular basis.

Mistake no 1: Choosing a white that back then was the no 1 white, the so called ”Stockholm White”. Sure this kind of white has a warmer, softer tone to it than crispy and bright white but!! it has some yellow in it and throughout the years with the sun shining on it, it turns more yellow by the day and that is not at all pretty. Especially as the sunlight is not even throughout a room meaning the color won’t be either. So – tip for you, go with a white color with no yellow whatsoever in it. Go crispy white. Or! intentional creamy white but without the yellow. Make sure to ask when buying the paint.

my mistakes 1

Mistake no 2: Being too fast with choosing color. A very common tip but please do try the colors before deciding. Put smaller blocs on the wall next to each other to be able to see them all in different lights because they do really change throughout the day and something that can look amazing in evening light could look completely different in the morning. Or even better, paint them all on a white board so that you can move around in the room while testing (you can see an example from my Instagram here) I really regret not having done that in our bedroom and now I seem to be stuck with the latte color because of the fact that our room is far from easy to repaint. It´s quite big and we did it properly back then painting behind radiators etc so doing it again would mean having to bring in people to take the radiators off, turn off the water etc. Not a very cheap thing to unless you are good at these things ourself. Also, I´m always reluctant fixing something that isn´t really broken. Want to have a least a little bit of sustainable thinking left in me. In addition, the yellow in the white as mentioned before on doors, windows and ceiling is not a great combo with the latte walls. For work projects I always test the paint in advance, I just wish I would have had the same patience at home those years ago…

my mistakes 2

Maybe someone out there is just about to decorate and paint their home so hopefully these two very simple things can help at least a little bit on the way. Happy painting! x

Pic 1: source unknown. Pic 2: via Johanna Bradford with thanks

Sleepy pastel

bedroom pastel 2bedroom pastel 1Even though there has been an overdose of pastel in the past something about these pics caught my eye. Mostly I like the idea of having your bed up the stairs on a small loft like this, but there is also the idea on the other pic to have a shelf behind the ben all the way out to the window for frames and still life building.

Foto: Alexander van Berge | Styling: Cleo Scheulderman, via VTWonen. I´ve also shown the  home of Cleo before here

Sharing with love

silver 3 silver 4 silver 10 silver 6 silver 9 silver 8silver 11

Found the lovely Tumblr feed of Silver-Blonde this morning and wanted to share some pics with you. I think it is important to try to get all photo credits right when making a post but it is not always easy as pictures travel very fast and the origin of the pic often get lost on the way. Some photographers & stylists do not appreciate their work being spread and I completely  respect and appreciate that so if you would see something here on my blog that you don´t want to be featured, please contact me and I will take it off straight away. Or – if I have missed any credits, please fill me in. I purely share what inspires me and take no credits for work (except my own), it is not an attempt to steal but a way of expressing admiration and inspiration. For example I found one of my own pics in the Silver Blonde feed with no credits at all for me as a stylist or Kristofer Johnsson as photographer. Of course I would love for there to be credits in it as it is a good way of marketing our work but I do see how credits can get lost on the way. In the long run, I think it´s a good way to get featured anyhow and as soon as the picture is on my webpage it is a reality that it can spread. With that said, this is a very big discussion. I hope my blog can stay the way it is, a collection of beautiful things that inspire me and hopefully also you, and that when, and if someone do not want to be a part of it, feel free to contact me. Thank you xx

The Silver Blonde feed is also a great example of how pictures from Instagram have really become a true inspiration for people – all of the pics above are from different instagram accounts (except for no 6) .

1. via Elin Kicken Instagram, team Sarah Widman 2 & 7. SaraMedinaLind on Instagram 3. White Living on Instagram 4 & 8. VittVittVit on Instagram 5. Dyi candles by MesyMe, 6. styling by me, photo Kristofer Johnsson