Real vs concept

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I´m thinking a lot about what my line of work will be like in the future. A part of my job is to decorate new spaces for potential buyers to be inspired and get an idea of what you can do with that space. Most often we put everything into place for people to come visit but of course sometimes the apartment is only in the planning stage so then you rather have to come up with a concept from layout plans only and through making 3D visualizations (Oscar Properties is probably the best example of having done this for quite some time)

The two are very different. When doing the 3D thing you don´t have to consider budget at all – only the sky is the limit (unless the client wants it in another way) and you can basically sit by your desk planning the whole thing. When physically decorating it´s a completely different story with dates of delivery for all furniture that are most often delayed, a much tighter budget, lots heavy lifting and logistics plus there is often already a preset bathroom and kitchen that might not always be what you would have created if you where in the process from the beginning.

I see, or at least I believe I do, rather quick if the setting of the image is real or if it´s a rendering. Sometimes I feel really inspired by a rendering too – there are brilliant creatives out there – but it can also at times feel too far away almost looking like a painting. But again, you can really make this space something that otherwise would be too expensive, complicated or to tight of schedule. The photographer has suddenly been replaced by digital design.

What do you think, is it equally inspiring with 3D renderings as ”real” pictures? What are the pros and cons?

3D work by Olga Fradina. Found via Behance with thanks. 

Forever in my heart


What I thought was going to be the great beginning of a new year turned out very differently. My Dad suddenly and unexpectedly past away in the beginning of January and nothing has been the same since. I miss him so much and every day I hope to wake up finding out it was all just a bad dream. But it´s not, it´s the heartbreaking truth and now we have to take it from there. Luckily I have an amazing family and friends and so we go through this together. And furthermore, I did have the best father one could wish for and I know for sure he would not want me to sit around being sad. He would want me to live my life to the fullest and I know he will be by my side every step of the way. He was so supportive, proud and present and I´m grateful for every single moment I got to spend with him. After years of fighting Parkinson´s disease and even winning over cancer – the struggle finally got too hard. But not once did he complain. He was the most positive man I have ever met, always looking forward to the future meanwhile enjoying every single moment of the present. I will try to keep learning from those qualities. And forever and always keep him in my heart. I love you, Dad ❤️

Please think about research by donation to The Swedish Parkinson Foundation

Happy Midsummer!

midsNot only is this the start of a 7 week long holiday on my end but it´s also Swedish Midsummer today. I´m spending mine at our summer house in the archipelago with family and friends and am so looking forward to all traditional food and games ending it with a sauna and swimming in the ocean. Wishing you all a really good day, happy Midsummer!

Happy Valentine´s!


Happy Valentine´s Day dear friends and readers! I´m not much for putting a specific day on showing love (we should do that all the time right?) – but let it serve as a reminder to actually do so. Just like New Years could be a reminder of evaluating your life and what might need to change.

I really want to thank you all for being here with me. Makes it all so much more fun. Also, I want to thank you big time for your generous and heartwarming support with votes for the Interior Blogger of the Year Award on Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards that took place last Monday. I did not win but am equally happy anyway for being nominated by you guys – thank you so much for that!! And big congrats to the winner – Jannice of Add Simplicity! So go ahead and spread some love today! And hopefully get some in return xx

Green day

Green Pinterest love. 


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Some cravings right now….1. Luna Star Necklace by Pernille Corydon. You can find it here. 2. Knockout table by Ida Linea Hildebrand, Friends & Founders. This one would be perfect in our hallway and I´m hoping for a piece to one of my clients as well. You can find it here. 3. Candra pillowcase. I can see these as well in my bed as in my sofa or on outdoor furniture in the summer. You can find them here. 4. I have no idea where to find this dress (just a pinterest find) but I love the whole look madly and in my next life I will look like that 5. Singolo bedset from Mille Notti. I used this one for a job that you can see soon and fell in love with the quality and elegant hotel look. I´m sure we will see even more of bedsets like these in interior stylings in the future. You can find them here. 6. Next to me while working almost every day, I´m addicted to it´s fresh scent. Meraki scented candle sandalwood and jasmine. And a major bonus, it has a very reasonable price for being a scented candle. You can find it here. 

June: On my mind

It´s been a hectic and so lovely month with lots of fun at both work and at home. I can´t say that I´m sad to say good bye to this busy month though because now we are heading of for July and the holiday that comes with it. But before that, let´s summarize the list for June!

travel june

Travel: I´ve always wanted to go to the Amalfi coast but still haven´t gotten there. Definitely something to look into for next year´s summer holiday.

Pic via. 

shoes juneShoes: From now on it´s bye bye sneakers and hidden feet, welcome era of flip flops and sandals!

Pic via. 

flower june

Flower: I love the scent of Jasmine and luckily we have a big one in our garden. The rain did some major damage to it but there are still a few days left of one of the best smells.

Pic via. 

outfit juneOutfit: Every summer I´m chasing the perfect kaftan to live in during the holiday and I even though I´ve searched like crazy I haven´t found the right one yet. Bought a black one but am hoping to at least for summer use a little bit of color for a change. Maybe not orange but with some summer lovelyness to it you know?

Pic via. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 09.45.55
Outdoor space:
Leaving the traditional bedroom category for an outdoor space this month and what could be more suitable than a garden setting with a view, a space in the shadow to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. And yes – if you find my inspiration mostly comes from warmer places that is true. I adore what we have here in Sweden and that is where my heart is but inspiration often comes from what you don´t see and experience all the time so here it is. In just a few weeks this is where I´ll spend most of my meals.

Pic by me via my Instagram 

office june

Office: The kids actually had their last day at school and daycare yesterday so Summer break is on! It feels absolutely lovely and we are now at the country house but to be honest even though I hoped my holiday would start now I´m not quite done yet so there will be some hours…days of work still. But with a proper view and family around me I don’t´feel sorry for myself but will enjoy the inspiration this environment gives.

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words juneWords: So true I think. It´s probably because we experience the changes of seasons that we appreciate summer so much and it feels as if every summer has it´s story. This one has already started and I´m excited to learn the rest.

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food june

Food: Love googling beautiful and delicious food and recipes and I think when ordering a salad you far too often get something not very interesting. This one is so simple yet so pretty to look at and probably a perfect side or lunch. Will definitely try it soon. For more inspo on salads – check here.

Pic via. series june

Series: I watched all of the episodes of HBO series ”Casual” in just a few days last week. I wasn´t convinced until after a few ones but then I started really liking it. Great casting and with a lots of personality.

Pic via. 

sustainable pick juneSustainable pick: One of summer´s best treats, flea market shopping! The market suddenly explodes and there are flea markets and car sales everywhere. The perfect way of reusing and making special finds. Look at my friend Maria´s guide here.

Pic, styling by me & photo by Pauline Suzor for Make it Last. 

Music JuneMusic: Singer Adam Olenius of Swedish band Shout Out Louds has just released a solo EP called ”Looking forward to the new me”. Sounds very promising and ”News are saying” is probably the perfect car track for this summer going through the roads with the summer green around you.

Pic via. 

A weekend in Berlin

I wish I could give you a  full guide to Berlin but once there (without kids) and no weather to fully enjoy we just kept it all about good food, sleep and seeing friends. This weekend was a gift from some friends to my husband when he turned 40 last year and a big part of the trip was for him to run the Big25. Me and our friends cheered along when not having massive amounts of food and taking pictures of this from above. Here are bits and pieces of what we did and I can highly recommend all the places we went to (we unfortunately missed Lode & Stijn that is supposed to be really good but will definitely try it next time. Also not in the pictures – we went to Grill Royal and had amazing sweet potato fries and the best meat I´ve had in a long time).

1: We where staying in Soho House Berlin and if I could just show you the complete loveliness of this inspiring interior. However there is a strict no-cameras-aloud in some of the best areas, so follow the link above if you wish to see more.  Here a pic of our bed, like sleeping on clouds. Blue velvet and the biggest thing ever. 2 & 7: Breakfast in bed, luxury. 3 & 12: walking around Berlin finding hidden gems in every corner. 4 & 9: found many pictures in my phone of incredible ceiling action, no 4 from restaurant Cecconi´s and no 9 from Pauly Saal. 5, 6, 13 & 15: great food and atmosphere at Cecconi´s. Don´t forget to get a reservation. 8, 10, 11: Picked restaurant Pauly Saal mostly because I was hoping for a lunch outside on their lovely terrace but it turned out it was closed. No disappointment at all nevertheless as the food in this place is just incredible. 14: Product heaven in our bathroom with products from Cowshed. 

All pics via my Instagram.